Graduate School of Electrical Engineering, University of Ulsan

International Journal [3 Papers]
[1]Wahyono, Joko Hariyono, and Kang-Hyun Jo, Body Part Boosting Model for Carried Baggage Detection and Classification, Neurocomputing, Vol.228, pp.106-118, March 2017.
[2]Joko Hariyono and Kang-Hyun Jo, Detection of Pedestrian Crossing Road A Study on Pedestrian Action Recognition, Neurocomputing, Vol.234, No.19, pp.144-153, 04 2017.
[1]Joko Hariyono, Van-Dung Hoang, and Kang-Hyun Jo, Moving Object Localization using Optical Flow for Pedestrian Detection from Moving Vehicle, The Sciencetific World Journal, 2014.

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